Saving money ten times in the household

Today you rarely survive a visit to the supermarket without getting a hundred euros poorer. We think that money that you can invest much better in other things. That’s why we give you ten tips here to save money in the household.

Nice old school to the library

Nice old school to the library

Nowadays, literature lovers order their reading material all too often online, although it is still cheaper to visit the library. If you buy a book and DVD there every week instead of buying one, you save around 1,500 euros a year – because a membership card at the library barely costs you anything.

Use rechargeable batteries


“Batteries, that’s passé”, we can already hear you think. Yet you use these supposedly dated energy sources more often than you think. There are batteries in every remote control and you usually buy them without checking whether they are rechargeable or rechargeable.

You pay a little more for a rechargeable battery, but you can use it again and again. Also good for the environment and you are completely convinced!

Do the laundry at 30 degrees

Do the laundry at 30 degrees

Water, detergent and energy, those are the three things that cost you money when washing your clothes. How thoroughly your washing machine depends not only on the program or the temperature, but especially on your detergent. Modern laundry products ensure that your laundry is just as clean after 30 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius as it is at 60 degrees Celsius or more. So turn that knob down just a few taps.

Bread, one of the most frequently thrown away food from the average Flemish families. If you buy a fresh loaf of bread, it is better to freeze it in two, three or four separate bags. Put your bag of bread on the counter in the evening and you will have tasty fresh sandwiches in the morning. 

Brush with vinegar or soda

Brush with vinegar or soda

Today you have cleaning products from many different brands and vary greatly in price. Unfortunately, Aunt Kaat’s books are already covered with a thick layer of dust and we have already forgotten the cleansing effects of kitchen products such as vinegar or soda. Equally effective and you pay less than a euro for a whole bottle of vinegar!

  • Descale your devices

Unfortunately, many households suffer from a large amount of lime in the tap water. Kalk not only eats away from the beauty and shine of your devices, but also causes clogged pipes. Clean regularly with descaler and you can even double the life of your dishwasher, toilet, shower or washing machine.

  • Keep chickens compost or make a vegetable garden

Having your own vegetables and eggs at home is much cheaper than buying everything fresh in the supermarket. If you buy your vegetables in the store, go for loose vegetables that are not prepackaged. They are much cheaper and you have less waste. On top of that, chickens barely cost anything and you can put all your green waste on it, just like composting. Taking that green bin outside costs you much more.