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Trillium-class bulk carrier CSL Welland transits the Welland Canal

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~ March 24, 2022 (LSNews) Canada Steamship Lines’ Trillium-class bulk carrier CSL Welland was the first vessel to transit the Welland Canal. The first ship of the 2022 sailing season is expected to arrive in Thunder Bay this weekend

In 2021, some 38 million tonnes of goods transited through the St. Lawrence Seaway. Both the SLSMC and Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (GLS) of the United States are optimistic that the economy will continue to improve. However, the Seaway stands ready to adapt to fluctuations in freight movements that may result from the uncertainty created by the evolving pandemic, consumer habits and conflict in Ukraine over the coming months.

US Coast Guard SPAR Upbound Brockville Narrows March 24, 2022 heading to Port of Duluth, Minnesota

The first lock on the Atlantic Ocean transit in Duluth Minnesota is Saint Lambert Lock.

Watch a timelapse of the USCGC SPAR transit on our way to SPAR’s new home base!

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