A new personal navigation guide with insight into how to live the most impactful life possible

This enlightening guide brings a unique perspective to the elusive concept of balance. Transcending familiar theories of work-life balance, in the book, Roberts teaches that balance is a state of existence that, when achieved, produces not only the highest version of an individual, but optimize the performance of his life. As he unpacks the concept of balance with stunning relatability, Roberts connects with readers on every level. His easy-to-grasp teaching style and unapologetic vulnerability brought to light a missing link and a source of nostalgia in the human experience – the innate desire for balance.

As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, lead pastor of a global movement, devoted husband and father of six, Roberts understands firsthand the importance of finding true balance in his life.

“Balance is not about learning how to effectively give pieces of yourself to important parts of your life,” Roberts said. “It’s about knowing and becoming your whole self, and then giving your wholeness to everyone and everything in the context of your life.”

Using life-changing principles drawn from his own personal experiences in relationships, leadership, and business, Roberts’ book stands out as a relevant and eye-opening resource that not only educates, but inspires. Key topics include:

  • The power of nowhich explains why “no” is the most powerful word in your vocabulary
  • There’s no team in mea groundbreaking exploration of the difference between being selfish and a term coined by Roberts as “selfish”
  • The 5 signs of imbalancethat helps you quickly identify imbalances in your life and respond effectively before crisis hits
  • The balance after the hita step-by-step guide to getting back on your feet after suffering an unexpected setback

A personal navigation guide like no other, Balance empowers readers to chart a path to productivity, peace, positivity, purpose, and limitless possibilities.

Balance: positioning yourself to do all things well is available for pre-order here.


Touré Roberts is a best-selling author, businessman, pastor, producer and influencer of influencers. Most widely known as the founder of ONE (formerly One Church LA), Touré is also the best-selling author of two other books, “Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth” and “Wholeness: Winning in Life From the Inside Out.” Touré’s work has been featured on most major media including CBS, MSNBC and Good Morning America, in addition to appearances on Discovery Channel, OWN, BET and TV One. He was also a consultant on a FOX network drama series, a writer for TV One, and co-executive producer of a multi-camera sitcom, the pilot of which was acquired by ABC in 2019.

Touré shares his life with his wife and best friend, author, businesswoman, pastor and popular influencer Sarah Jacques Roberts. The Roberts have six children together and reside in Los Angeles.

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