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Disney+ announces it has entered into an exclusive, long-term agreement with Seven Towns to license Sectaurs, Coleco’s line of insect-evolved humanoid figurines that took the 1980s by storm. The Nacelle Company plans to revive Sectaurs with a new line of action figures and consumer products alongside a new anime series currently in development.

This announcement follows The Nacelle Company’s recent acquisitions of iconic IPs including Robo Force, The Great Garloo, Power Lords, Big Loo and the legendary Marx Toys brand. The first wave of the Robo Force line of action figures is now available for pre-order at Toys, collectibles and other consumer products from most Nacelle-owned brands are also available at

The story takes place on the distant planet of Symbion, where a genetic experiment fails and terrifying and unstoppable changes begin to occur! Ruler of the peaceful Bright Kingdom of Prosperon, Prince Dargon and his allies are at odds with Empress Devora, ruler of the Dark Domain of Synax. Devora and her henchmen vie for possession of Fortress Hyves, an ancient civilization that holds the key to eternal power. Each character has been tele-linked with intelligent, non-anthropomorphic creatures. Each character is telepathically linked (telelinked) in battle, as they join their fellow insects in the ultimate battle for survival.

“Distant planets, mutated humanoid insects and an evil Empress? Where do I sign ? ! That said, we are incredibly excited to introduce Sectaurs to a new generation of fans while honoring the legacy of the original,” said Nacelle Company CEO Brian Volk-Weiss.

Sectaurs is such an iconic IP and has truly held a place in the hearts of not only original creators Maureen Trotto, Tim Clarke and Larry Mass, but also fans around the world. We are very excited to be working with Nacelle to bring this stunning property back to screens with exciting new themes,” said Seven Towns CEO Mike Moody.

About Nacelle:

The Nacelle Company, founded by Brian Volk Weiss, is an American diversified media company headquartered in Burbank, California. Established in 2017, they are a leader in the pop culture space through its scripted and unscripted production, podcasting, publishing, records, distribution, development, marketing and management divisions.

Nacelle has produced hits such as the Netflix docu-series, Down to earth with Zac Efron, the

Films that have marked usand The toys that made usand Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, as well as behind the attraction for Disney+, CW Stopped, sony Crazy of you to restart, all the way black for BET+, History To agree, and history Central Bureau :

55 years of Star Trek. Nacelle’s wide range of partnerships include: Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO, Discovery, BET+, A&E Networks, Hulu, Viacom, History and many more. The company as a whole is dedicated to presenting groundbreaking stories and the history of pop culture through its style of documentary filmmaking, its unique distribution system and its constant desire to never stop exploring.

About seven cities:

Founded in 1963, London-based Seven Towns has built a long and successful business in toys and games. Seven Towns specializes in the innovation and design of toys and games, and is one of the world’s leading invention and licensing houses. Seven Towns featured over 350 original concepts, including hits such as Rubiks Cube, Pop the Pig, Monopoly

Junior and Boglins.

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