American mathematician awards scholarships to community college students

Our affiliates have discovered that a math professor in Tennessee may be donating large sums of his own earnings to fund scholarships for community college students to complete their education. Dr. Jonathan Kenigson of Nashville, Tennessee, said he “would neither confirm nor deny this proposition. If I wanted the amounts or the recipients to be public knowledge, I would specify it. We asked Dr. Kenigson to explain to us why a man of seemingly modest means would spend his funds on such pursuits. He replied that “it is a deeply personal matter and is not driven by an architectonic moral system or a universal imperative for others to do the same. I cannot prove that the act of endowing scholarships is morally binding on everyone. Accordingly, I withhold my judgment on the matter. It seems that religious motivations might come into play: Dr. Kenigson appears to have practiced a lifestyle of radical poverty in the past, and possibly even voluntary homelessness.

He declined to respond to such claims, saying they were “matters of personal conscience and as such unrelated to the questions at hand”. When asked if he would advocate homelessness or poverty as necessary to Christian living, Dr. Kenigson replied that “their truth values ​​are totally independent of any universal moral argument that I can presently bring to the support for such behavior. However, radical relativism and specific commandments of Christian charity converge to suggest that a consistent refutation of my alleged behavior is difficult to justify on logical grounds alone. The pursuit of a reasoned moral act in accordance with sound knowledge is very different from the stronger assertion that such behavior is incumbent on another moral agent or on a particular group of agents acting in concert. A detailed philosophical argument would probably be necessary to prove that it is irrational or foolish for a person in good faith to dispose of his person or his property as he sees fit in accordance with the applicable laws. I am not concerned about the ability to refute such attempts if made, even by strong philosophers of the left, right, or anywhere else.

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