Author Chuck Cotton hopes to help save souls in ‘Road Map: Saving Souls’

A navigating guide to finding the way forward in life

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 2, 2022 / — Cookstown, NJ—A laid-back lifestyle can afford time to reflect on life, but the world is always busy. Nowadays, daily life has become hectic. People are caught up in their busy schedules. And earthly issues have absorbed people’s attention, diverting attention from God and eternal life after death. Road Map: Saving Souls is a reflective read about navigating the eternal road.

Author Chuck Cotton is both a Christian and a typical man with a mundane daily life. He recognizes the sad reality that people are now preoccupied with everyday existence, drifting away from God and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. And so he writes Road Map: Saving Souls, a navigational guide that steers readers, especially those living a misguided life, to the road that leads to the embrace of God.

Brimming with Bible verses, Road Map: Saving Souls enlightens lost souls by fostering meaningful life here on earth through scripture and passages. The author insists on the diminishing respect for religious beliefs and practices throughout the world and on the way in which daily life is challenged by evil. He points out that earthly problems and everyday obstacles can be solved by applying Bible verses to life.

Charles “Chuck” Cotton is a 50+ year-old seasoned businessman specializing in sales/marketing startups and has a background in securities, insurance and consumer products. He taught at Marion High School and later served full-time as a sales representative for the Balfour Corporation, skyrocketing as National Sales Manager. He then worked for Jostens as a National Sales Trainer.

Several Bible verses talk about the shortness of life – life ends before people even know it. Inhale and take a moment to pause from the hectic world. Spark the rest of your earthly life and save your soul. Reset the relevant passages scored with the maxims designed for you by Chuck Cotton in Road Map: Saving Souls. Grab your copy now! Available on Amazon and other major online retailers.

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