Automatic Navigation System Assessment and Verification and Basic Technology Development Project Launched

A Technology Development Project on Autonomous Ships – Establishment of development platform for automatic navigation system and development of elementary technologies for automatic navigation system – in which Tokyo Keiki Inc., Furuno Electric Co. , Ltd., MTI Co. of NYK Group. , Ltd., and Japan Marine Science Inc. participated, in cooperation with companies including NYK Line, was selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for the “2021 Support Project for R&D in Promoting Aggregation and Cooperation in the Maritime Industry”* and companies have just started operations.

Autonomous ships, which are rapidly developing around the world in recent years, involve multiple devices and systems responsible for recognizing surrounding information, determining avoidance routes, and avoiding other ships. As a result, the organization, method and evaluation axes to verify and evaluate the safety and economic efficiency of autonomous ships have become complicated, and therefore their organization/maintenance has become an urgent task.

In this project, the above four participating companies and cooperators, including NYK Line, aim to establish verification and evaluation systems that use simulation technologies to enable shipyards and manufacturers of marine and other equipment to promote the development of autonomous ships much faster. In addition, to improve the safety of the automatic navigation system, we need to improve the recognition and judgment functions, which are technological elements that we have worked on so far, and the demonstration tests will also be carried out on ships. real.
1.Project overview
We will mainly do R&D for the following items.

2. Roles of each company participating in the project

3. Presentation of each company
MTI Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Tokyo
President: Kazuo Ishizuka

Tokyo Keiki Inc.
Headquarters: Tokyo
Deputy Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Tsuyoshi Ando

Japan Marine Science Inc.
Headquarters: Kanagawa
CEO: Koichi Akamine

NYK line
Headquarters: Tokyo
President: Hitoshi Nagasawa

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Hyōgo
President and CEO: Yukio Furuno

* 2021 R&D support project for aggregation and cooperation in the maritime industry
The MLIT project started this fiscal year to support technological developments to strengthen the technological capabilities of the Japanese maritime industry. The project aims to help shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers come together to work on next-generation ship technologies, encourage Japanese system integrators, effect structural change in the industry, and further strengthen technological capabilities.
Source: NYK line

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