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A second peak of covid vague awaits us. So said mathematician Lachezar Tomov on Nova TV. According to him, the percentage of vaccinated in our country is still extremely low.

“If these levels continue, the entire population of Bulgaria will be affected by the virus and its new variant. There are now people who have not encountered the coronavirus, especially in remote areas. So far the new vague officially reached 3,000 people, unofficial figures showing twice as many. It is possible to reach 10 thousand. Children have returned to school and have already been shown to transmit the virus to adults. We will again have a jump of the new infected, then a fall and a jump again”, he explained.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 3,625 new cases in the last 24 hours

The mathematician added that so far Bulgaria failed to reverse negative trends covid vague by obtaining herd immunity, but only by measures.

“People with a booster dose are 23 times less likely to be hospitalized. For those who received two doses of vaccine, it is five times lower. However, with age, the risk increases.Tomov added.

Lachezar Tomov also drew attention to the consequences after suffering from COVID.

“20-25% of infected people do not fully recover after the first 12 months. These are heart and venous changes, as well as neurological damage. This also applies to children, but in a lower percentage,” he explained.

According to the math, babies and pregnant women are at serious risk.


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