Capitol Attack Committee Subpoenas Maker of PowerPoint Plan for Coup | Attack on the United States Capitol

The House Select Committee investigating Thursday’s Capitol attack subpoenaed Trump agent Phil Waldron, the retired colonel whose PowerPoint recommending Donald Trump declare a national emergency to resume his duties was sent to the White House chief of staff.

The subpoena to Waldron, demanding documents and testimony, marks the select committee’s emphasis on the PowerPoint and the extent to which the document’s recommendations – as reported by the Guardian – have been taken into account by the White House or the former president himself.

Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the select committee, said in the subpoena letter that he wanted to depose Waldron as part of their investigation into the Jan. 6 uprising and determine the precise nature of his repeated contact with the former leader. of Trump’s cabinet, Mark Meadows.

Thompson said the select committee was continuing Waldron’s cooperation to also establish the nature of his visits to the White House, his briefings to members of Congress and his attendance at meetings held at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. just prior to January 6. .

“The document he allegedly provided to administration officials and members of Congress is an alarming plan to overturn a national election,” Thompson said of the PowerPoint. “The select committee needs to hear it.”

The select committee subpoenaed Waldron after he became the author of the PowerPoint entitled “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference & Options for 6 Jan”, which ended up in Meadows’ personal inbox – and he encountered Meadows several times before the attack on the Capitol.

The PowerPoint recommended in cheeky terms that Trump declare a national security emergency based on lies about voter fraud, and that then-Vice President Mike Pence abuse his ceremonial role to stop Biden’s certification. on January 6, the Guardian first reported.

The fact that Meadows was in possession of a PowerPoint outlining the steps to be taken in staging a coup and met its lead author nearly a dozen times prior to the attack on the Capitol is significant as it suggests that the House Trump’s Blanche was aware of plans to stop Joe Biden‘s certification. .

Senators and members of Congress should first be notified of foreign interference, the PowerPoint said, in which case Trump could declare a national emergency, declare any electronic voting invalid and ask Congress to agree on a constitutionally acceptable remedy. .

The PowerPoint also outlined three options for then-Vice President Mike Pence to abuse his largely ceremonial role during the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress, when Biden was to be certified president, and unilaterally fire Trump to the White House.

In a letter to Meadows attorney George Terwilliger, the select committee noted that among the 6,000 documents produced by Meadows was an email accompanying the PowerPoint stating that it was to be “presented on the Hill”, a reference to Congress.

The contents of the PowerPoint were finally released to a number of Republican members of Congress on January 4, according to a source familiar with the matter. The Washington Post reported that GOP Senator Lindsey Graham was briefed by Waldron himself.

The new subpoena for Waldron comes days after the select committee voted to recommend criminal charges against Meadows for his refusal to testify under a subpoena, and Waldron was outed in the media as a main author of the PowerPoint coup.

In a statement, Terwilliger said Meadows’ involvement with PowerPoint did not go beyond receiving the presentation in his inbox, although Waldron’s claims that he met with Meadows on several occasions at the White House seem to undermine this characterization.

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