CHAINED ALICE: Pop “dirt”! FUNKO’s Figure Albums Coming in November

Funko will celebrate the 30th anniversary of CHAINED ALICE“Dirt” album with a Pop! Number of albums. You can pre-order it now on Gamestop. It should be delivered at the end of November.

Never forget the iconic album or the music of CHAINED ALICE by collecting this luxury “Dirt” Popular! Album, featuring each of the band members as Pop! numbers and the album cover. Packaged together in a protective hard case, this Deluxe Pop! The album can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf next to your music collection. Popular! Layne StaleyPopular! jerry cantrellPopular! Sean Kinney and Pop! Mike Star are ready to rock in their legendary stage outfits.

Vinyl figures stand approximately four inches tall. Approximate dimensions of the protective case: 23.5″ W x 12.25″ H x 3.75″ D. Please note: The Pop! Deluxe album does not include a playable vinyl record.

Previous classic LPs that got the Pop! Album processing includes METALLICit is “Metallic”, AC DCit is “Highway to Hell” and MOTORHEADit is “Ace of Spades”.

Two years ago, METALLIC drummer Lars Ulrich said about “Dirt”“It’s so inspiring. I think it’s crazy how transparent and brave the lyrics are, and it’s a cohesive piece of work. It still sounds as raw, transparent, honest and brave to my ears as ever. I think in the Before I was just listening to the music and the riffs and now hearing the vocals and lyrics and themes what an amazing record it always feels so timely it literally feels like it could have been done the last week.

During his remarkable career, CHAINED ALICE collected several grammys nominations, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and has amassed a die-hard international fan base whose members number in the millions. Their discography features some of the greatest and most important albums in rock history, including 1992’s quadruple platinum-certified “Dirt”1994 certified triple platinum EP “Fly Bowl”which was the first EP in music history to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and self-titled of 1995, certified double platinum “Alice in Chains”which also entered the Billboard Top 200 at No. 1. They returned in great style in 2009 with the critically acclaimed film “Black gives way to blue”which reached number one on the rock and alternative charts, earned a grammys nomination, was certified gold and praised by Viceas “a record as powerful as anything the band has done”. The last album of the group released in 2018, “Rainier Fog”hit No. 1 through Billboard ‘s Rock, Alternative and Hard Music charts and No. 1 on the iTunes Rock Albums chart and earned them agrammys nod to “Best Rock Album”.CHAINED ALICEremains one of the most successful and influential American rock bands of all time.

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