FORCE Technology Expands Maritime Navigation Simulator Services – Digital Ship

FORCE Technology has launched an online simulator to provide remote access to maritime navigation simulation for the purpose of testing planned port and port construction projects.

The new SimFlex Cloud for Engineering Studies saves time and money during the planning and design phase of marine infrastructure projects, as proposed developments can be evaluated in real time and under very harsh conditions. realistic without the need to visit a physical simulation facility.

SimFlex Cloud for Engineering Studies is an extension of maritime simulator developer FORCE Technology’s SimFlex Cloud simulator, a dedicated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution offering realistic navigation simulation for training purposes. It extends the company’s engineering design and test services by making them fully available online, helping customers reduce costs and speed up the planning phase by providing easy remote, real-time access to highly accurate environment simulations based on proposed ship structural and/or routing modifications. .

All new environmental model designs are created by FORCE Technology engineers within weeks of receiving the engineering plan so they can be quickly evaluated by professional captains, pilots and navigators using one of the 700 mathematical ship models in the SimFlex Cloud ship database. SimFlex Cloud for Engineering Studies introduces the new possibility of immediate online access for testing anytime and from anywhere with a stable broadband connection.

Navigators and deck officers tasked with leveraging their real-life experience to verify the impact of port and harbor design changes can operate their ship models using a mouse and a keyboard, a purpose-built operator console for desktop simulation, and can even operate their ships in first person using SimFlex Cloud’s new Augmented Reality (AR) functionality. Additionally, SimFlex Cloud for Engineering Studies offers the ability to automate test routes and specific marine operations to produce reliable data on continuously repeated activities.

SimFlex Cloud for Engineering Studies helps verify the impact of any new marine infrastructure, from large turnkey projects to smaller, more localized works. Design trial applications include navigation against new or removed landmarks; the effects of pier design and location, including the width and location of landing channels; arrival/departure conditions in existing or new ports; vessel movements in relation to both frequency and time, which helps to accurately assess, for example, the risk of grounding; movement of vessels moored in open or closed facilities; and maneuverability in shallow water.

“Engineering design verification is a key service provided by the team of experts at our state-of-the-art simulation facility in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark,” said Jan Michelsen, Head of Simulation, Ports and training at Force Technology.”Providing online access to these services through the introduction of SimFlex Cloud for engineering studies is a natural step that will help optimize our customers’ workflows and enable them to get the most out of of their infrastructure planning and design budgets.The system also enables us to support customers further afield, as online access greatly reduces the need for first-hand time with our full mission simulator.

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