Greensea Systems Inc. showcases its suite of software and navigation technologies for the robotic environment at Oceanology International booth H551

Founded by CEO Ben Kinnaman, Greensea Systems has revolutionized the underwater industry since its inception in 2006. As explained in its mission statement, “Greensea develops technology to improve operators’ relationship with robotics by making work ‘they make together more productive and satisfying. .’

At the heart of this principle is the continued evolution of OPENSEA®, the company’s open-architecture software platform. The better part of a decade was spent turning the concept into reality, in partnership with several other manufacturers. The overriding vision is to provide a robust, portable, scalable, user-friendly and low-maintenance robotic system for offshore vehicles, using the most accurate and advanced control and navigation technology available; a modular software framework capable of encompassing and integrating AUVs/ROVs, equipment and sensors. OPENSEA has already been adopted by hundreds of users within the military and offshore industries for high-level tasks including supervised autonomy.

Given its status as Greensea’s flagship innovation, it makes sense that all of the company’s products are built on the OPENSEA platform. Greensea’s Workspace human-machine interface, for example, combines vehicle control, navigation, payload sensors, diagnostics and data management on a single screen.

The EOD workspace, meanwhile, takes advantage of supervised autonomy to allow Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams to focus more fully on their critical underwater work. Described by Greensea as an “intelligent robotic partner”, the EOD workspace essentially allows EOD technicians to assign as many or as few automated tasks to an ROV itself in a given mission. Multi-mode vehicle control features, including click-and-drop, drag-and-follow, and point-of-interest orbit, will facilitate any EOD team’s ability to identify and neutralize underwater threats, conduct medico -legal or rescue and to study the underground structures to secure the installations, whatever the conditions.

Supervised autonomy also underpins Greensea’s integrated RNAV2 System Operability Framework (SOF) to protect and support combat divers in harsh or hostile conditions. Using the SOF gives divers the ability to automate navigation and vehicle operation tasks under supervision via the STIDD DPD (Diver Propulsion Device). Thumb buttons and finger triggers allow divers to monitor vital mission details (e.g., navigation, sonar acquisition, and situational awareness) without having to remove their hands from the handles, while A new integrated acomms product allows divers to text other team members to share data, direct them to waypoints or send encrypted messages. Other products in this family will support hydrographic surveys, target tracking and optional DPD autonomy.

Reflecting Greensea’s commitment to providing solutions for every sector of the underwater industry, its ROV control system packages, available in Basic or Professional levels, have been integrated into everything from miniature Class D ROVs inspection used in EOD contexts to work class ROVs that routinely operate in deep ocean environments. The company also offers program development for targeted military customers (EOD and SOF teams).
Source: Greensea Systems

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