Hoosier author tackles ’empathy epidemic’ in new book

In a book released in February 2022, Rob Volpe presents evidence of an empathy crisis in America.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Empathy Activist is a hat that author, CEO and speaker Rob Volpe wears as he travels the country discussing better ways to communicate and build relationships with one another.

Volpe grew up in Greenfield and Richmond, Indiana, and even worked as a paperboy for the Indianapolis Star before eventually moving into the role he has today as CEO, Chief Catalyst for Ignite. 360. The company is a strategy company that helps businesses grow by applying empathy in their workflow.

Volpe lives in California and recently wrote a book called “Tell Me More About That (TMMAT): Solving the Empathy Crisis One Conversation at a Time”. In it, Volpe presents evidence of an “empathy epidemic” and offers five practical steps to help resolve it one conversation at a time:

  1. Dismantle judgment
  2. Ask good questions
  3. Active listening
  4. Integrate into understanding
  5. Use the imagination of solutions

Volpe argues that empathy is the “secret ingredient” to many of the skills we need in all aspects of life – communication, decision-making, trust, forgiveness and compassion.

13News caught up with Volpe during his book tour at Books a Million in Indianapolis, where he shared five steps to empathy and how to put them into practice. See the full interview below.


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