Hyderabad mathematician claims to solve Riemann hypothesis, millennial problem


Hyderabad: The Riemann hypothesis, a million dollar problem, would be solved by a 74-year-old Hyderabad-based physicist and mathematician, Dr Kumar Eswaran, who works as a professor at the Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology (SNIST) of the city.

The Riemann hypothesis concerns the distribution of prime numbers, which can be divided by themselves and by one. billed as the greatest mathematical problem in history, the mathematician turns out that in order to solve this problem he gets a heroic frame and would be rewarded. The mathematicians of yesteryear, who won the Abel Prize for their contribution to the field of mathematics, tried to prove their courage but were unsuccessful. It was recognized that the proof of the Riemann hypothesis would be an entry point for many theorems which depended on the truth of this hypothesis.

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According to the SNIST press release, a duly constituted expert committee of scientists determined after a detailed and careful reading of the comments of knowledgeable examiners that one of their professors, Dr Kumar Eswaran, proved “the hypothesis of Riemann ”.

In 2000, the Riemann Hypothesis was declared the Millennium Problem, one of seven mathematical problems selected by the Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge, Mass, USA and announced a $ 1 million award for its solution, said the Institute.

According to the Institute, Dr Kumar Eswaran drew on the work of JE Littlewood (1885-1977) and showed that HR could be solved if the analytical behavior of a certain specially chosen function of a complex variable could to be determined.

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