India calls for freedom of navigation, respect for maritime laws in IOR, Indo-Pacific

During the inaugural session of the 8th Indian Ocean Dialogue on the Post-Pandemic Indian Ocean, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Health, Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh noted that the Indian Ocean region (IOR ) is among the “most vital” in the world in terms of global trade, energy and geopolitical stability and its rich national resources and biodiversity are an “engine of growth”. He called for freedom of navigation and respect for maritime laws in the IOR and the greater Indo-Pacific.

Notably, its repeated reference to the peaceful settlement of disputes comes at a time when the international community is watching China’s expansionist maneuvers in the Indo-Pacific region. It should be mentioned that there has been an occasional presence of Chinese submarines near Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and Beijing’s claims to the Pacific Islands have also disrupted its equation with Japan in the China Sea. southern.

Furthermore, Rajkumar Ranjan Singh recalled that the Indian vision of the IOR was based on the SAGAR doctrine of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – Security and growth for all in the region. He said that the SAGAR doctrine enunciated by Prime Minister Modi encompasses political security, economic and socio-cultural spheres. In addition, it also sees the IOR and a greater Indo-Pacific as a region of peace and prosperity based on a climate of trust and transparency, respect for international maritime rules, equal access as a right under international law, peaceful dispute resolution and enhanced maritime cooperation, Singh said.

“Half of the world’s container ships and 2/3 of its oil shipments pass through the Indian Ocean region,” added the minister.

India closely monitors China’s activities in the Indian Ocean

Earlier this month, in a strong message to China, newly appointed Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said the Indian Navy was fully confident in defending India’s maritime interests and was proceeding with the acquisition of platforms to verify possible security problems facing the country. Addressing a Navy Day press conference, Admiral R Hari Kumar said the Indian Navy was monitoring China’s incursions into the Indian Ocean, adding that neighboring country’s activities were closely watched. The navy chief further noted that the Chinese navy had been present in the Indian Ocean region since 2008 and that there were seven to eight warships.

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