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People may have heard of a “productive” use of their time, but the catch is that only a handful of them have yet been able to reach that milestone. Most of the time, effective compartmentalization does not work. That’s because focusing on one goal can be difficult – life is a constant loop that waits for no one. Therefore, prioritizing luxury or procrastinating a bit seem like more viable options. However, Jay Vinson challenges stereotypes, forges his own identity and shows the world that indeed “where there is a will, there is strength!”

The man behind the curtain:

Jay Vinson may be a business owner, but deep down, like most people in the world, he’s afraid of being left alone. He wants to empower his students, make them accept their weaknesses and flaws rather than running away from them, and give them purpose.

The norm today is to study, find a job and work. It may seem fascinating at first, but it is nothing less than a monotonous and, at times, even stressful task. This is where Jay next steps in to keep his students’ spirits up, motivate them, and make them realize that even if life doesn’t always end as planned, it will lead them on a better road.

Dwelling on rejection is a BIG NO!

Jay owns a business. So, when it doesn’t work very well or the customer’s response is not as expected, he feels sad and unmotivated. However, it was him in the past.

The future new him is a more refined and mature version that understands that fear is not an object; instead, the mind creates it based on a bad situation, and with effort one can overcome it.

If his client’s sales are low, he usually works, prays to God, and keeps faith that others will likely invest in his business and buy his services. The key here is to be patient and let things happen as they are. There are no shortcuts to success, and he wants budding young business enthusiasts to understand this stark reality.

His Coaching relieves the struggles of others who are suffering:

The most liberated Jay has ever felt is when he is bombarded with feedback from the people he helps, who have nothing but praise to offer him.

He wants people with addiction to realize that they are not alone – everyone has a certain test they must go through in life, but those who emerge victorious are those who accept it and work through it. Life is like a puzzle, where sometimes one will stumble and on others climb higher than ever.

It all ultimately comes down to the level of commitment and their desire to improve. Fitness, diet, a positive mindset and an unwavering drive to improve are the first steps that pave the way to a successful life.

“Addiction is common, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that you are trying to get better is what matters.” – Jay Vinson.

It all starts with the first step:

Jay’s book “Stepping into Greatness” is full of motivation: Stepping into Greatness will take you on a 50 day journey to euphoria! That’s right. Stop living a ho-hum existence when the thrill of living hoo-ray is possible! Each of these daily devotions is filled with powerful affirmations that will speak to your heart and mind. Read and meditate on these thoughts daily, weekly, or at a pace that suits you. It’s time to step into the greatness that is already inside of you. A victorious life awaits you.

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About Jay Vinson

Jay Vinson is from Montgomery, Alabama. He is the Senior Pastor of True Life Church, Tuskegee and is a Certified Spiritual Life, Health and Wellness Coach, CEO of JJV Enterprises-JJV Vinson Corp and Founder of Jay Vinson Ministries Inc. Jay enjoys spending time with his family, playing and watching sports, travelling, but above all, mentoring and helping young people. Connect with Pastor Vinson at www.jayvinson.org.

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