Junior Black Achievers recognizes students with Black Figure Awards

“JBA is really important,” said Brittney Harrell, Family Community Engagement Specialist for the Palm Springs Unified School District. “We’re just spotlighting a lot of amazing black students who go beyond their school and their community.”

Palm Springs Unified School District’s Junior Black Achievers group inspires the next generation of achievers. JBA, focused on academic enrichment, black history and black mentorship, hosted its “Night of Excellence” awards, highlighting black students who are making a difference in the Coachella Valley.

“It was nice to see young black kings and queens, especially in this valley,” said Ziere Reves, award presenter and student at Rancho Mirage High School. “We don’t see a lot of that, so it was just great to see the future youngsters and see them do great things.”

Saturday’s event honored middle school students who are active members of JBA demonstrating exceptional talent, community leadership, and academic excellence.

“These awards are important because we give them a lot of inspiration and motivation. A lot of our students, especially students of color, are recognized for their sport, but it’s more than just sport,” Harrell said. “These students are recognized for their acts of service, the way they (carry themselves) on campus and outside of school, and are also recognized for their academics.”

The awards were inspired by African American personalities such as the Obama ‘Influencer’ Award, the Harriet Tubman ‘Courage’ Award and the John Lewis ‘Acts of Service’ Award, helping rising stars see who they can be .

“We are not just athletes, we can be more. We can be a lawyer, we can be a doctor, we can be anything we choose to be,” Reves said.

“It’s really inspiring. I come from an area where I haven’t seen many educators like me. (I) have the opportunity to go and motivate these students and let them know that there is more and they have a lot of potential,” Harrell said.

And train the next generation of leaders.

“They are our future and we want to uplift them and let them know that,” Harrell said.

If you would like your child to become a Junior Black Achiever, you can register using this link bit.ly/JBA20-21 or by clicking the link here.

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