Katherine Johnson Day is set for the late mathematician’s birthday at White Sulfur | State and region

To celebrate the life and accomplishments of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, the Greenbrier Historical Society will host a weekend of community activities in August aimed at recognizing her life and legacy and inspiring the next generation of scientists and thinkers. .

The events are set to take place at the Schoolhouse Hotel in White Sulfur Springs on the weekend of August 26, which would be her 104th birthday and designated Katherine Johnson Day in West Virginia.

Janice Cooley, President of the Greenbrier Historical Society, said, “This event is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Katherine Johnson and all of her contributions to the space program.

“This event is also an inspiration to our youth, having a figure like Katherine Johnson to look up to.”

Born in White Sulfur Springs, Katherine Coleman Johnson was one of the first black female engineers at NASA, and her pioneering work on John Glenn’s orbital mission in 1962 cemented her reputation as an outstanding mathematician.

She died aged 101 in 2020.

Johnson’s life and story have earned him countless awards and accolades, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and inspired works such as the book and film “Hidden Figures.”

Honoring Johnson is a one-act play about his life, written and directed by Pamela Barry and performed by Neely Seams. It will be presented on Friday, August 26. On Saturday, Aug. 27, Johnson’s daughters, Joylette Hylick and Katherine Moore, will participate in a lively discussion about life with their mother.

A signing session of Katherine Johnson’s memoir “My Remarkable Journey” will follow.

The celebrations continue with a guided driving tour of White Sulfur Springs that includes the Coleman House and other family sites on Church Street, a history walking tour of the Greenbrier Historical Society, and a visit to the North House Museum.

For West Virginia students in grades 6-8, this is an opportunity to view the story of Katherine Johnson in the 2022 GHS Graphic Art Contest. The contest submission period extends from May to July 8. Visit the Greenbrier Historical Society website or email [email protected] for more detailed contest information.

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