Latsco partners with Orca AI to increase fleet navigation safety

Posted on 19 December 2021 20:01 by

The Maritime Executive

[By: Orca AI]

Orca AI, the industry-leading artificial intelligence-based navigation safety platform, has partnered with Greek company Latsco Shipping Limited, to enable its liquefied natural gas (LNG) fleet to increase its knowledge situation and navigate congested waterways safely.

Orca’s AI-powered maritime collision avoidance system uses computer vision sensors and thermal cameras to provide real-time alerts about potentially dangerous events. The platform gives traders greater visibility into these events with actionable insights to help reduce their likelihood in the future.

The intelligence obtained through Orca AI contributes significantly to maritime security, which faces a myriad of challenges, exacerbated by the pandemic. Nearly 4,000 maritime accidents occur each year and are caused by poor situational awareness in congested areas and human error, as well as a fundamental lack of insight and insufficient data on potential incidents.

Mr. George Margaronis, CEO of Latsco Shipping Limited: “Orca AI is a key part of our efforts to increase the safety of our fleets. As waterways become increasingly congested, we believe Orca AI’s situational awareness navigation capabilities will enable our seafarers to identify risky situations in real time and reduce disaster events. security “.

Mr. Yarden Gross, CEO and Co-Founder of Orca AI: “We are delighted that an industry leader such as Latsco Shipping Limited has chosen Orca AI. Greek shipping has always been a cornerstone of global shipping and today it is at the forefront of adopting new cutting-edge technologies. We are delighted to support Latsco and the Greek shipowners as they continue to lead the way at sea.”

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