Marine navigation system to increase security and trade in the northwest

Naval Base Kitsap is the third-largest U.S. Navy facility and provides base operations services to submarines, aircraft carriers, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the area’s largest fuel depot. continental United States. Kitsap PORTS will help personnel plan and respond to changing oceanographic conditions in the region. The system will allow all local navigators to have real-time access to water levels, currents and weather information, helping them to better plan vessel transits and prevent accidents.

The systems measure and disseminate forecasts and observations for a variety of oceanographic and weather conditions. The NOAA PORTS program has reduced maritime collisions, groundings, injuries and property damage. When a new PORTS is designed, local stakeholders determine sensor type and location requirements to support their safety and efficiency decisions.

“This new system, and others like them across the country, reduce vessel accidents by more than 50%, increase the size of vessels that can enter and exit seaports, and reduce traffic delays,” Nicole said. LeBoeuf, director of NOAA’s National Oceanic Service. “They also provide real-time data as conditions change rapidly, giving our coastal communities time to prepare and respond.”

The Kitsap PORTS consists of an integrated series of sensors that provide critical real-time information on oceanographic and weather conditions. This will greatly increase the safety of navigation for vessels entering and exiting Puget Sound and passing through both Rich Passage and Hood Canal.

Two new current meters collect and transmit real-time current observations in streams with dynamic currents and large changes in depth over small distances. A new weather and water level monitoring station will help sailors navigate the area around Bremerton, Washington, which sees a very high daily tidal range. Wind speed and directional data will help users plan safe mooring in the event of heavy ship traffic or adverse weather conditions.

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