Marisa Tomei’s guide to maintaining a healthy figure

Often, Marisa Tomei is more focused on her interior than on her outward appearance. The star confessed to practicing an inner-outer view on healthy living. Tomei strives for a healthy mind and soul, and his body follows suit.

“What I eat and how I connect to my body feeds my external,” she explained. “I listen to what my body wants me to do and I do the same,” Tomei told Vogue in 2017. One of those things she practices is meditation. “Moving meditation, like dance meditation, makes me feel at home in my own skin. It helps me spiritually, mentally, and ultimately, physically.”

Apart from meditation, Tomei also practices detoxification in infrared saunas. She thinks it helps rid her body of toxins.

“Lately I’ve been going to the infrared sauna for detoxes which I love. It warms the body from the inside out so I get a lot of energy afterwards and feel so light. It gets rid of all the poison , especially if I had to take medication or drank a lot of sugar or alcohol. It’s a great place to meditate too. Multitasking! I don’t believe in tricks or even routine; I listen to what my body wants me to do and do the same. I’m just trying to stay the course like everyone else!” She continued.

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