Marlow Navigation signs agreement with Ocean Technologies Group

Marlow Navigation adopts the Oceanic Learning Platform, offering a wider range of interactive maritime learning solutions, as well as new tools for competency management and crew assessment.

Maritime learning and operational technology company, Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) and Marlow Navigation have signed a new cooperation agreement.

This will see Marlow, one of the world’s leading ship and crew managers, with an active pool of 24,000 sailors, move from Seagull IT training to the Oceanic Learning Platform, offering a wider range of interactive maritime learning solutions, as well as the introduction of new tools for skills management and crew assessment. The system will build and schedule Marlow’s training matrix and provide advanced digital performance reviews and reporting tools, helping to assess results, identify specific needs and find continuous improvement.

Through the system, Marlow will also have access to manufacturer-specific training courses and cloud-based simulations. This includes a wealth of media-rich content, with over 800 blended learning titles on a range of topics from the Ocean Learning Library and extended by Marlow’s specific training material.

“We are delighted to strengthen the partnership between Ocean Technologies Group and Marlow Navigation and look forward to fully integrating their system into our crew training operations,” said Joern Clodius, Director of Training, Marlow Navigation.

Commercial Director, Ocean Technologies Group, Henning Davies and Marlow Training Director, Joern Clodius sign new cooperation agreement

“We have enjoyed a successful cooperation with Seagull for many years and now that it is part of the OTG group, the move to the OTG platform offers an improved user experience, which will undoubtedly boost engagement and adopting the crew, and most importantly, will make the learning experience more rewarding. Along with many other actionable features and insights, it will also help our business accelerate its potential for talent development and retention, and meet the challenges of navigation and crew training in the digital age, ”added Clodius. .

The learning system will be linked to the Marlow crew database, exchanging data in a secure and transparent manner, reducing administrative workload, as well as creating new digital possibilities for performance measurement and analysis. .

Marlow’s comprehensive training activities are supported by its 120+ clients. This includes approximately 2,900 in-person crew refresher courses per year at dedicated state-of-the-art training facilities, as well as preparing 360 cadets per year for their profession at sea. The OTG- solution Marlow is an integral part of this training going forward, ensuring the continued qualification and skills development of sailors.

“We are delighted that Marlow Navigation has decided to move to the Oceanic Learning Platform. We believe it provides the broadest and most comprehensive range of sea-specific digital learning and assessment solutions available today that will provide their mariners with the knowledge and resources they need, no only online but also at Marlow training centers. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our long-standing cooperation with Marlow, ”said Johan Gustafsson, Director of Revenue at OTG.
Source: Ocean Technologies Group

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