Mathematician just won Olympic gold in cycling

A surprise winner emerged during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games women’s road race on July 25, 2021. Anna Kiesenhofer, a 30-year-old Austrian cyclist and mathematician, was considered a novice to her rivals, but she stepped out. victorious, beating the others by 75 seconds.

Kiesenhofer, who obtained a master’s and a doctorate in mathematics and applied mathematics respectively, had not been part of a professional cycling team since 2017.

She planned her own training, nutrition and running strategy, saying her background as a mathematician had helped her. She also trained alone and had no teammates.

Its competitors seemed to have been caught off guard by its lead. Because she was such a dark horse, most seasoned cyclists seemed to let her take the lead early in the race, hoping to continue her later. But she managed to keep her place at the top of the group. Across the 85-mile course, she persisted alongside world champions and cycling superstars until some didn’t even realize she was alone ahead of them on the road. Some, who thought they had won, were confused that she had beaten them to the finish line.

Kiesenhofer currently teaches and does postdoctoral research at a polytechnic in Lausanne, Switzerland. She came to the Olympics with no hope of a medal.

When she won, she said: “It was unrealistic because no one would have believed it. It was just amazing. I couldn’t believe it – even crossing the line, I couldn’t believe it. “

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