Rajnath declares India’s commitment to rules-based freedom of navigation


As China shows flexibility on the high seas, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh today declared India’s commitment to rules-based freedom of navigation as a responsible maritime actor within the committee of nations.

India supports consensus-based principles and a peaceful, open, regulated and stable world order and views the Indian Ocean region (IOR) with the universal values ​​of freedom of navigation and free trade based on rules under which the interests of all participating countries are protected, he said addressing the second five-day naval commanders conference here.

The Minister noted that India’s geographic location was something that made it unique in many ways. “Surrounded by the vast expanse of ocean on three sides, our country is very important from a strategic, commercial and resource point of view,” he said.

Rajnath said the role of the Indian Navy has become very important in ensuring the security of this region. He said he was happy that the Indian Navy was carrying out its responsibilities effectively.

Speaking about the rapidly changing economic and political relations across the world, he said that these economic interests cause some stress in the relationship. “Therefore, there is no longer a need to maintain peace and stability in Indian maritime areas in order to boost trade and economic activities. The role of the Indian Navy in ensuring the maintenance of this peace and stability in the region will increase considerably in the times to come.

He was of the opinion that only those nations succeeded in dominating the world, whose navies were strong.

Top Navy commanders attend the five-day meeting to review the readiness of the Indian Navy and how the force is expected to protect the country’s vital interests on the high seas.

The conference serves as a platform for naval commanders to discuss important maritime issues at the military-strategic level as well as to interact with senior government officials through an institutionalized forum.

“Due to the rapidly changing geostrategic situation in the region, the significance and importance of the conference is manifold. It is an institutionalized platform to deliberate, direct, design and decide on issues of the utmost importance, which will shape the future of the Indian Navy, ”said the Indian Navy.

During the five-day conference, Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Karambir Singh and other navy commanders will review key operational, material, logistical, human resource development activities , training and administrative activities undertaken by the Indian Navy over the past few months and will deliberate on future plans for important activities and initiatives.

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