Season 1, Episode 3 “The Mathematician’s Ghost”

Last week the new sci-fi series Foundation created with two episodes on AppleTV +.

Foundation is adapted from the novels of Isaac Asimov and stars Lee Pace (Brother Day), Terrence Mann (Brother Dusk), Jared Harris (Hari Seldon), Lou Llobell (Gaal Dornick), Laura Birn (Demerzel), Leah Harvey (Salvor Hardin), Alfred Enoch (Raych Foss) and Cassian Bilton (Brother Dawn).

Foundation takes place in a futuristic empire where government is centralized on the planet Trantor. The Empire is still ruled by three clones of Emperor Cleon I since his death. The three clones are at different stages of their life and are called Brother Dawn, Brother Day and Brother Dusk.

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At the start of the show, Hari Seldon and his protégé Gaal Dornick are arrested for crimes against the Empire. Seldon, through his new psycho-historical science, predicts the fall of the Empire followed by an era of darkness. He calls for the creation of a Foundation that will bring together the knowledge and technology of humanity to help reduce the period of darkness.

After an attack on the Star Bridge over Trantor, apparently led by inhabitants of the planets Thespis and Anacreon, the rulers of the Empire exile Seldon and his followers to the planet Terminus to launch the Foundation project. At the end of the second episode, Seldon is assassinated by Raych before reaching Terminus. Raych then sends Gaal away from the ship in a cryogenic tube.

Warning: spoilers for “The Mathematician’s Phantom”

A new cycle beginss

Four hundred years earlier, the first Cleon witnessed the construction of the Star Brigde and prepared for her death and the start of her clone dynasty. Demerzel tries to reassure him that his legacy will be secure and that he will not be forgotten. While she is a robot, Demerzel is clearly affected by her impending death.

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In the future, 19 years after the bombing of Star Bridge, Brother Dusk now prepares to die watching over Trantor with Demerzel from the same window as Cleon I. Brother Dusk reflects on his life and wonders if he and his brothers have done it. the right choices on the Spiers and Hari Seldon. The younger brother now looks like Brother Day all those years ago, and Brother Day now looks like Brother Dusk. Brother Dusk shares a last meal with his brothers and they go to see the destruction of the last fragment of the Star Bridge. New Brother Dawn is born and Brother Dusk, now Dark Brother, meets him before going to his death and is alarmed when he hears the baby cry for fear that something is wrong with him. Demerzel then leads him to his death.

A mysterious object is discovered on Terminus

The colonists have finally arrived on Terminus and encounter a hostile planet. They find a mysterious artifact that neutralizes them via a null field. The settlers call it The Vault, first seen in the first episode. There are a few stories circulating about the object: an alien artifact, an Empire surveillance outpost. No one knows for sure. The colonists settle on the planet and begin to build a colony. A few years later, a child, Salvor Hardin, is fascinated by The Vault and is unaffected by it. Once an adult, she becomes the guardian of Terminus and protects the colony.

The domain expands and the Anacreons arrive at Terminus

Salvor experiments with the Vault and realizes that the field is expanding. The colony is now flourishing and even has a large statue of Hari Seldon on display. While the work of retrieving knowledge is underway, Salvor shows that not everyone believes in the work of the Foundation. Salvor shows Mari that the zero field is expanding and that they may have to evacuate the city. Salvor thinks the artifact is waking up and it’s a sign that trouble is coming. The woman sees a vision of a child which leads her to notice an Anacreon ship orbiting the planet. Soon three ships are in orbit, and Salvor believes the expanding field is related to ships. They try to contact the Empire without success. Salvor sees a second vision of a child and, after following him, realizes that the Anacreon is already on Terminus.

A new episode of Foundation will be available to stream on AppleTV + on October 8. Stay tuned for more episodic recaps on Nerds & Beyond.

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