Songs that accompanied figure skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics –

Music has always been an important facet of Olympic Gamesand the Winter 2022 edition is certainly no exception.

The figure skating segment, in particular, has always featured some pretty exciting musical choices.

For these world-class athletes, choosing the right songs is crucial when it comes to choreographing a routine around them, as it ultimately determines the outcome of their overall performance – after all, those tracks could very well set the stage for a medal.

Without further ado, we bring you the music behind the sport:

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, “Rocket Man”, and “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John

Asian-American Olympic gold medalist Nathan Chen weathered to an assortment of Elton John songs such as ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,’ ‘Rocket Man,’ and ‘Bennie and the Jets.’ Chen broke the short program record with a score of 113.97, the highest ever in the event.

“Call Me Cruella” by Florence and the machine/’I want to be your dog’ by The Stooges

Russian figure skater Alexandra Trousova presented his free skate program for the silver medal to a mix of “Call Me Cruella” by Florence and the machine and classic rock ‘I want to be your dog’ by The Stooges.

The specially selected 17-year-old athlete by John McCrea rendition of Iggy Pop’s hit that featured in last year’s soundtrack Cruel movie.

“Contact”, “Touch”, and ‘In’ by daft-punk

American Figure Skating Pair Madison Chock and Evan Bates won the silver medal for Team USA with their daft-punk– inspired routine with a mix of songs from 2013 Random access memories.

While most people would expect them to accompany a selection of Daft Punk’s biggest dancefloor hits, the duo opted for more underrated songs.including “Contact”, “Touch”, and ‘In’ in place.

‘Magical Black Woman’ and ‘Shake it’ by carlos santana

mexican skater Donovan Carrillo chose his father’s favorite rock artist santana for the men’s short program. His choreography which consisted of ‘Magical Black Woman’ and ‘Shake it’ was also a nod to his cultural roots as Santana himself is Mexican.

‘I was made to love you,’ ‘Always,’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ by TO KISS

British Figure Skating Duo Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson danced to a trio of TO KISS songs during their six-minute routine.

Donning black and silver sequined suits reminiscent of the rock band’s stage outfits, the pair performed until 1979 ‘I was made to love you’ before quickly switching to the powerful 1989 ballad ‘Always,’ and finally ending on a positive note with an excerpt from ‘Rock and roll all night.’

“Hail Mary” by Dimash Qudaibergen

Newly Crowned Olympic Champion Anna Shcherbakova put on a seraphic display as she skated for At Dimash Qudaibergen performance of ‘Ave Maria.’ The composition certainly matched the Russian figure skater’s enchanting performance at a T.


the United States Alysa Liu delivered his take on “LOCO” by ITZY with an upbeat routine at the Olympic Figure Skating Gala, an invitation-only event where medalists are allowed to perform programs of their choice.

Liu, who placed seventh overall in the women’s event, wowed the audience with her on-ice adaptation of the K-pop group’s choreography.

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