The author of the ‘Go Big Read’ selection visits the campus

Yaa Gyasi, author of the 2021-2022 novel “Go Big Read” “Transcendent Kingdom”, spoke Thursday with professors and students of the African Studies program at the Mark H. Ingraham Hall and met with the interest group first year and the specialized program. students of the Pyle Center.

The special seminar provided an opportunity for program members interested in Black Literature and Global Studies to have a conversation with the author.
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

People seated at a table

“Go Big Read,” UW-Madison’s shared reading program, is designed to engage students, faculty, staff, and the community in a shared, study-oriented reading experience.
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

Books on a table

Copies of Yaa Gyasi’s “Homecoming” and “Transcendent Kingdom” novels rest on the table during the seminar.
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

Gyasi sitting at a table talking with another person

Author Yaa Gyasi signs copies of her book, which uses fiction to explore issues of race, immigration, science, faith, and family.
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

Gyasi speaking on a podium in front of an audience

Gyasi answers questions from several first-year interest group students and honors program participants during a lunchtime seminar Thursday at the Pyle Center.
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

Portrait of Yaa Gyasi outdoors

“Writing has always felt like an extension of my love for reading,” Gyasi said. “And I love to read.”
Photo by: Althea Dotzour

Watch Yaa Gyasi’s opening speech on “Go Big Read” Wednesday night in the Shannon Hall of the Memorial Union.

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