The Sydney killer of an imprisoned gay mathematician | Defender of the Great Lakes

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A Sydney man has been jailed for over 12 years three decades after he murdered an American mathematician at a gay Sydney beat. The prison sentence was handed down on Tuesday by Judge Helen Wilson, who found that in a hostile act, Scott White punched Scott Johnson at North Head in Manly, causing the doctor to fall to his death. “[White] committed a violent act and that act is the direct cause of Dr Johnson leaving the cliff top in terror,” the judge said. cliff and then flee the scene without notifying the police after Dr. Johnson disappears overboard. Judge Wilson found there was not enough evidence to show the murder was a gay hate crime, however, because White had met Dr Johnson at the Brighton Hotel and the couple had voluntarily gone to the gay rhythm together. The result ends a long ordeal for Dr Johnson’s family who have pursued justice for more than three decades, refusing to believe an initial police investigation which concluded the death was a suicide. White’s sentence follows an emotional NSW Supreme Court hearing on Monday where members of Mr Johnson’s family described the tragedy and grief the death and the subsequent 33 years had brought. Ohnson told reporters that speaking in court was a chance to look White straight in the eye. “I must say [White] how was my brother. I have to tell him how it felt to hear he was dead… I have to think about it. He watched and listened,” he said. An appeal of White’s conviction has already been filed after his defense team failed to overturn his guilty plea in January. White was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison and will be eligible for parole after eight years and three months.While the initial inquest in 1989 found Mr Johnson’s death to be a suicide, the case was reopened in 2012 Another inquest made an open finding in 2012, but a third in 2017 found Mr Johnson fell from the cliffs at North Head in Manly due to violence from an unidentified assailant who perceived him to be gay.


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