The WWE legend created a 4-figure salary for drinking The Undertaker’s spit on live TV

The WWE Universe knows Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, as the most important sports entertainer. From the time The Undertaker came to Vince McMahon’s WWE until his last match, he purely gave the fans what they wanted!


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The character of The Undertaker was a joy to behold but vicious to his opponents. Every nuance of “The Phenom” provided to Mark Calaway by WWE was well written. However, Taker’s “The American Bada**” gimmick was a bit twisted and poorly received by the WWE Universe.


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Even WWE legend “Hardcore” Tommy Dreamer once recalled a situation where he had to drink The Undertaker’s spit. However, this twisted act of Tommy Dreamer earned him a 4-figure salary.

How Much Did Tommy Dreamer Get From WWE For Drinking The Undertaker’s Spit?

In 2016, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer was asked to talk about his wrestling career as a guest on the Under the carpet Radio podcast. During the interview, Dreamer talked about a 2002 episode of Monday Night Raw in which he drank Undertaker’s spit of tobacco.

The WWE legend said, “It was gross, it was real. I got $7,000 to do it and I had to fight The Undertaker three to four times. So I think anyone could do the same thing. Yeah, it was tough, and it was live. [h/t – Still Real To Us.]

Vince McMahon and company paid ‘Hardcore’ Dreamer $7,000 to swallow a skewer of tobacco from The Deadman. Arguably, $7,000 is a huge sum to perform an act on live television.

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But ‘The Heart & Soul ECW’ was new to WWE programming, and being in the ring with ‘Taker of Souls’ was a huge deal for him. Therefore, for a huge sum and sharing the wrestling ring with The Undertaker caused Dreamer to perform an ugly task.

Did it end well for ‘The ECW Original’ after drinking Taker’s tobacco spit?

The WWE Championship reign of “The Deadman” in 2002 rose to prominence. This is because The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at the 2002 Judgment Day PPV to become the new WWE Champion.

Therefore, Taker was looking for a new opponent and Tommy Dreamer showed up for the challenge. However, on that 2002 episode of Monday Night Raw, Dreamer drinking Taker’s tobacco spit wasn’t the only thing.

Before The Undertaker appeared in front of Tommy Dreamer, he opened up about his love for hot dogs while talking to fans. Well, Dreamer saw an audience member eating a hot dog and approached him to take a bite of that hot dog.


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However, the fan dropped the hot dog on the floor and “The ECW Original” ate the hot dog off the floor. Also, ‘Hardcore’ Dreamer drinking Taker’s saliva didn’t pay for him.


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Tommy Dreamer’s act made even The Undertaker cringe. Then, finally, ‘Taker of Souls’ destroyed ‘The Heart & Soul of ECW’ by making him drink his saliva and leading him near the ring post with a steel chair around his neck.

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