Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the RF Navy LAS to ensure safe navigation off African coasts


Image source: RF Ministry of Defense

A Northern Fleet detachment consisting of the large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov, medium tanker Akademik Pashin and the rescue tug Altai under the flag of the commander of the anti-submarine ships of the NF, the captain of 1st rank Stanislav Varik, began to ensure the safety of navigation in the Gulf of Guinea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean near the coasts of the African continent, indicates the press center of the Ministry of Defense RF.

The North Sea crew inspected over nine thousand square miles and inspected a suspicious civilian vessel.

The situation in the Gulf of Guinea is monitored using the Ka-27 search and rescue helicopter, which houses, in addition to the crew, a group of Marines armed with machine guns and assault rifles. to fight pirates and prevent the seizure of ships.

In addition to the fight against piracy, the sailors of the Northern Fleet prepared to provide possible assistance to sailors in distress in the ocean. During the rescue exercise, they practiced rescuing a rescue vessel, extinguishing a fire, evacuating casualties from the bridge and water, as well as providing them with medical assistance.

Vice-Admiral LAS Kulakov’s long-distance campaign began on June 28, leaving the main base of the Northern Fleet – Severomorsk. First, the ship’s crew participated in the main naval parade in Kronstadt, and after its completion they developed individual episodes of practical actions in the Atlantic during command and state training -major on the management of the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet.

From August 18 to September 23, the sailors of the Northern Fleet operated in the Mediterranean. During this time, they made business calls to Algeria, Syria and Cyprus, and also conducted a number of exercises on various types of defense of a detachment of ships at sea and worked on research submarines from a fictitious enemy.

Since leaving the LAS base, Vice-Admiral Kulakov has traveled more than 18,000 nautical miles.

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