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RealDawg.com has learned that Washington All-American Husky rusher Zion Tupuola-Fetui received a “higher four-figure appearance fee” for a 4-hour appearance Friday night at the Windemere-sponsored party on the chopped off.

The event celebrated Saturday’s Windemere Cup and kicked off the sailing season opener in Seattle, but it also ushered in a new era of college athletics in Washington.

Tupuola-Fetui is often known by three letters ZTF but he received four-figure compensation in the range of $7,500.

While other organizations at other schools are paying large sums of money to incoming players, led by former Washington head coach Chris Petersen, Montake Futures’ approach appears to be focused on compensating current players from Washington.

Washington’s approach makes a lot of sense.

“I’m not sure it’s a sustainable business model to pay someone who’s never seen a nod in college football much more than they’re paying players who have already given their blood, sweat and tears. for his teammates,” RealDawg.com said. Roman Tomashoff. “It could lead to a fractured dressing room. Long-term.”

In the short term, it makes money for a growing number of Husky players.

With the clear division between the ability of the school to pay its own players, the ability of each player to leverage their own name, image and likeness. Tupuola-Fetui is most often referred to as “ZTF”. In a 2020 play on radio, Washington’s play-by-play ad made an iconic call, “ZTF is a monster.” Since that time, ZTF has become a household name. He is also easily recognizable by his likeness, with a broad smile and frequent changes in hair color, most often blonde.

“It’s clear that Washington is a player, but I think it’s just the beginning,” Tomashoff said. “I expect the high school talent acquisition module to be included in order to compete for talent nationally and retain the best talent in the state.

The NCAA’s adoption of name, image and likeness laws that allow athletes to benefit from their image through autograph sales, sponsored posts or advertisements on social media, personal streaming channels YouTube/Twitch, classes and boot camps, speaking engagements, personal merchandising, endorsement offers, and more. — June 30, 2021.

Over the past few months, Montlake Futures has amassed “a rather impressive war chest”. Although Washington’s approach has been heavily criticized on social media, the approach is starting to pay off.

Also in attendance at Friday night’s event were defensive back Alex Cook, transfer Indiana quarterback Michael Penix, jr, offensive lineman Corey Luciano and former UC Davis cornerback Jordan Perryman. It’s unclear how much the other four players received for the 4-hour event. Their compensation is probably quite similar. Other events where current Husky football players will appear:

  • Sam Huard and Carson Brunner set to earn similar appearance fees at football camp presented by Montlake Futures
  • Huard, will team up with fellow QB Dylan Morris, Alex Cool and Julius Irvin presented by Montlake Players Camps, LLC. Their remuneration is unknown.
  • Devin Culp will host a youth football camp on June 11 at his high school alma mater, presented by Steinberg Sports and Entertainment. His compensation is unknown. The camp is affiliated with HuskyFootballNIL.com
  • Incoming freshman Lance “Showtime” Holtzclaw got his own NIL deal as a brand ambassador for Body Armor sports drink

While the new NCAA guideline comes out next week, this single-event compensation falls within the parameters of the existing NIL rules. Current guidelines give athletes the right to profit from the use of their own name, image and likeness, such as their autograph, modeling of sportswear, promotion of products and services and personal appearances.

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